Under the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) All Early years and Childcare settings are required to have transparency on the way they collate, store and use any personal information pertaining to the children in their care and their families. Parents have the right to ask that personal data is destroyed or deleted once they have left a setting providing deleting the material does not impact on Ofsted and legal regulations. Please refer to my Privacy Agreement.


Data required by myself to ensure I follow all GDPR and Ofsted requirements are as follows
• Personal information-
• Parents names,
• Childs name
• DOB Address
• Contact Details
• Drs name
• Parental Responsibility
• Medical information
More information on this policy available upon request.

Parent Permissions

As part of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requirements you must have in place the following permissions in writing and signed by the parent/legal guardian of the child:

Written parental permission must be requested, at the time of the child’s admission to the provision, to the seeking of any necessary emergency medical advice or treatment (Page 23)

Providers should obtain written parental permission for children to take part in outings (page 24)

Providers must obtain prior written permission for each and every medicine from parents before any medication is given (page 26)

Good Practice - a selection of other activities that you should require permission for are listed below:

Administration of first aid treatment
Administration of prescription medication
Application of creams
Collection by named adults
Emergency care cover
Outdoor play equipment
Pre-arranged alternative care
Records to be kept on computer
Referral to other agencies
Transporting children in a vehicle
Use of an assistant
Use of a crèche
Use of public transport


I/we consent to ……………………..…………(Childminder’s name) seeking medical advice when required for my child, and emergency treatment may be given where necessary. I understand that I will be contacted immediately if this should arise, and that it is my responsibility to inform them of any change in this decision.

more on this policies upon request.....


In order to comply with GDPR May 2018 we are required to inform you of our daily practices when caring for your child and we are required to obtain your signature to say you are aware of these practices. In certain cases parents can withdraw permission at any time, providing doing so does not compromise our requirements under Ofsted, DfE or Insurance.
We are required under EYFS to share information with other settings and professionals about the children in our care and while we do not need permission to do this I require you to say you agree to this in order for me to comply with DfE requirements.
I understand that photographs will be taken of my child to use within the setting and that my child may be in photos with other children. I agree that these photos can be taken, stored and deleted under GDPR guidelines and am aware that I have the right to withdraw this permission at any time (see GDPR policies)
LEAVE WITH ASSISTANT-I understand that my child may be left in the sole care of your registered assistant for a period of up to two hours per day if required
ADMINISTER MEDICINES-If your child requires medication I will administer both prescribed and non-prescribed medication on the understanding that if the child’s condition does not improve they will be sent home
Children who need naps will sleep in the play room, either in a cot, in a sleeping bag depending on their age. I will take your child on outings or attend groups which are age appropriate.
GDPR-I confirm I have been given a copy of the Privacy notice and Retention policy and all other policies relating to the care of my child

CHILDS NAME_______________________

CHILDMINDERS SIGNATURE _____________________Date_________

PARENTS SIGNATURE _________________________Date _________