Winter joy

Winter came and went although it was still cold we did not have any snow settle this year. So we did many activities indoors with the children.

Fake snow play=

we got ready made fake snow powder from the shop and added water. the children were able to mold into snow balls. we made a snow village by putting together different types of winter/snow creatures into a large tray. We enjoyed playing with our home made winter village.

Goop Fun=

Step 1: Collect Supplies. You will need: a
Step 2: Measure 1 cup of Corn Starch loosely and pour it into a bowl.
Step 3: Add Water( depending on how loose or thick you want the mixture...
Step 4: Mix well....
step 5: pour mixture onto a tray....
Step 6: Time to get messy! ...

we made penguins from kitchen roll card....
step 1 collect the inner card of a kitchen roll card
step 2 cut to length you want(adult to cut)
step 3 give children to paint black
step 4 cut out oval shape from white card(adult)
step 5 stick on top of painted card roll. stick on a foam white ball as a head and decorate.