Ofsted Outstanding Providers Event February 2010

OFSTED hosts an annual event for all Early Years childcare providers in England that achieved an ‘outstanding’ report in OFSTED inspections in the past year. I was among those invited to this year’s event at London’s Guildhall on Friday 12th of February. I felt very proud to attend the event as the only childminder in the Camden area to receive the outstanding certificate. I always try to provide a top service to all the different families in my care, but for Ofsted to recognise this was fantastic. My Ofsted inspection was back in May 2009 and lasted four hours. I was graded outstanding in all 14 inspection categories. This is a welcome recognition for my commitment, dedication and childcare experience.

The event, hosted by Zenna Atkins, Chairman of the Board at Ofsted, paid tribute to those who had earned themselves a place in the annual list of outstanding providers published by Ofsted. Zenna Atkins said “Excellence does not happen by chance, these providers have a real drive to inspire, challenge, and support children. But there is no reason why everyone can’t be outstanding. I hope they will be a source of inspiration to others.”

In total 4,020 schools, colleges, childcare and social care providers in England were judged to be outstanding in 2008/09.

All those who appear on the outstanding providers list 2008/09 receive commemorative certificates and are authorised to use an exclusive “outstanding provider” logo.