Help with childcare costs

Did you know that you may be able to get help with the cost of childcare? As long as the childcare provider is 'Registered' or 'Approved', you may be entitled to Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit from the Inland Revenue.

For full details, please visit the Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit section on the Inland Revenue website: Help with the costs of childcare - Information for parents and childcare providers

How much help with childcare costs will I get?

The childcare element can help with up to 80% of your eligible childcare costs.

There are limits on the weekly costs you can claim. If you pay childcare for:
• one child, the maximum you can claim is £175 per week.
• two or more children, the maximum is £300 a week.

The table below shows the maximum amount you can get, but the actual amount will depend on your income.

Children Children Percentage of costs covered by childcare Maximum childcare available
One child £175 80% £175 x 80% = £140.00
Two or more children £300 80% £300 x 80% = £240.00