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Trick or Treat

It is that time of the year when both children and adults dress up in scary customes.

we made ghost and pumpkin cookies.

we also made witches and ghosts by using the childrens foot prints. we painted their feet with light white paint and printed on black paper.

we made glitery spiders and bat out of black paper.

Autumn is here

Autumn term we have been busy. We collected different coloured, shaped leaves and we made beautiful autumn pictures. each child was provided with the opportunity to feel, play and stick the leaves on to card. One child cut up by hand some of the leaves and then stack on to card we were so impressed as the little one is 14 months old.

We have also painted pictures using the different tones of autumn.

More activities planned for the rest of this year...

We have been collecting *Bottle cups*

For over 6 months we have been collecting lids from 'Ella's kitchen' fruit squeeze pots. We now have a box full and the little angels love playing with the colourful lids. They place their hands in the box touchy and feeling the texture, stack them making towers and use the lids for counting or putting the colours together. Best of all they are safe.

Sunny Summer

Summer came and it was wonderful... some of our little angels have gone away for holiday with families. For us that stayed in UK we enjoyed the sunshine. With trips to the parks, drop-ins, soft play and sand and water in the garden. We got to play in the paddling pool, splashing and keeping cool. We bought the beach to the our beautiful garden.

Making cakes

In the month of July just before the summer break. We made cakes. We had fun making cupcakes. taking turns the children took part in mixing and sourcing the ingredients.

To make 12 cupcakes, We needed;150 g butter, softened, 150 g sugar, 3 eggs beaten, 150 g self-raising flour, sifted, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tbsp milk. Each child got to decorate their own cupcake. The under 2s were so excited to be able to mix and decorate. Each cupcake was unique and delicious.

more of what we do coming soon...

Easter activity

For easter we made lots of things with the children to take home.
First we made a card, the children took tissue paper and stuck on to an image of an animal rabbit, chicken ect...

The second thing we made was a an easter basket using card, the children were able to decorate the basket with different pictures, stickers or paint. The basket was so you can put all the yummy treats they get at easter like mini easter egg.

And the third thing we made was a rabbit crown with a basket of colourful eggs.

Pictures of activity coming soon......

Active play for all ages with shaving foam

Today we filled a tray with shaving foam for our messy play activity. All the children joined in from 8 months onwards. They enjoyed squishing and squashing the shaving form in their hands and getting messy. For the little one it was the first time they were excited. Some of the children did not want to stop when it was clean up time.

Pictures of activity coming soon...

New Assistant on Board

I have good news, due to high demand, I now have a new assistant helping out. She is CRB checked and has a First Aid certificate.

As a result, we can increase the number of children under care. Some vancancies are available but get in touch to discuss availability.

Ofsted Outstanding Providers Event February 2010

OFSTED hosts an annual event for all Early Years childcare providers in England that achieved an ‘outstanding’ report in OFSTED inspections in the past year. I was among those invited to this year’s event at London’s Guildhall on Friday 12th of February. I felt very proud to attend the event as the only childminder in the Camden area to receive the outstanding certificate. I always try to provide a top service to all the different families in my care, but for Ofsted to recognise this was fantastic. My Ofsted inspection was back in May 2009 and lasted four hours. I was graded outstanding in all 14 inspection categories. This is a welcome recognition for my commitment, dedication and childcare experience.

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