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Spring 2018 is here

As spring has come the weather has become beautiful we have enjoyed days out to the park. We had a lovely picnic and play day today.

Bouncy fun

As winter was really but we still enjoyed our days out to the children centre for bouncy castle fun. we run we jump and we make new friends.

December 2018

Christmas: we had lots of activities;

we used our hands a lot for cards; reindeer hand prints using both hand, 5 snowmen sitting on a big snow ball, a Christmas tree, 1 big penguin and also 5 little ones as well,

hallowen 2017

we had lots of fun...for our activities we made ghost lolly pops.
Materials used: kitchen paper, marker pen, some string and a lolly pop. How to make: take the tissue paper and put over the lolly pop, then take the string and tie a knot at the neck of the lolly draw a smiley face or a spooky face the choice is yours......

we also made clay hand prints and painted black.

we made a card using the kids hand prints cut out a black witch's hat and broom we gave our witch red hair.

we did these with our children and they loved it so we thought we share have fun trying...........

Hello all

Its been a while since we updated our blog we have been very busy taking care of our little one here at Raghda's Childcare.......

Summer sun

Yay the sun is here and we have many activities planned drawing,making,play dough, foam fun, sand and water play and more....

We have started the summer with one of our favorite story sacks we made a large caterpillar from colored fabric like a giant sock puppet with a mouth, we also made the food which the caterpillar ate. and during the story the children take turns to feed the caterpillar.

As the weather gets hotter we have our sun hats, water and protection creams ready to use at all times. the children enjoy some messy play in the paddling pool.

Spring is here

For term we have been busy making creating different things.

Under the sea......
we made an under the sea world by collecting as many sea
creatures as we could. we placed then in a large tray decorated
greeny/blue leafy sponges and rocks/seashells...

Dinosaur world......
during this term some of our children have shown an interest in dinosaurs. To support their learning we created a display of Dino world with books and toys.

Car zone....

Winter joy

Winter came and went although it was still cold we did not have any snow settle this year. So we did many activities indoors with the children.

Fake snow play=

we got ready made fake snow powder from the shop and added water. the children were able to mold into snow balls. we made a snow village by putting together different types of winter/snow creatures into a large tray. We enjoyed playing with our home made winter village.

Goop Fun=

Step 1: Collect Supplies. You will need: a
Step 2: Measure 1 cup of Corn Starch loosely and pour it into a bowl.

Christmas is almost Here

Here at Raghda's we have been getting ready for christmas we are soooo excited

we have already made door decorations using the children's hand prints; we cut out 6 red hand prints and 6 green prints, we cut out a circle using a plate and cut a hole in the middle using smaller plate then stick the hand prints around the circle... the parents have appreciated.

we have made raindeers using children's hand with brown paint with a slade using a foot print.

we made mistle toes using 2 feet and draw on top.

play dough November

Our children love to play with play dough. we have been making play dough from scatch and the little angels like to help.

we put into a mixing bowl; 3 cup of plain flour, a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of food colouring of your choice,a teaspoon of oil, 4 table spoons of warm water and mix and voila play dough.

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