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summer is here 2019

we spent a beatiful after in the park. weather is nice now and the children are enjoying our trips out more and more. we are trying to enjot and get as much natural vitamin das we can before the sun gones away.

fathers day 2019

We made fathers day card which was on the 16th of june this year. we inculded this poem;

'daddy daddy let me say
i love you in every way
daddy daddy let me say
have a happy fathers day'

Our fathers were very touched by the cards, especially for some of our new parents.

Spooky wednesday halloween special

we took part in organising a special trick or treat for our street along with our children from the setting.


Activies for Christmas

With Christmas round the corner we are planning our activities and presents for our childcare team.

 cloves santa


we wanted to teach our children about bugs and insects. we collected some of our insects from our animal box and placed them on our activity tray. we had butterflies, ants, caterpillars and much more. the children were so interested and we talked about which insects they have seen on their way to us.

On the Farm

Our children this Term have been interested in animals. we created a farm using our long activity tray and some faux grass. we sang 'old McDonald's had a farm' and many others animals songs.


Under the Sea

We collected our sea creatures placed them on our mat to play with. we grouped them in to families of fishes, star fish and many others. we had fun pretending to swim in the sea with the creatures.

Under the sea

Match the colour

After collecting different coloured bottle caps we have enough to play games one of our games is match the colour to the bowl

Out in the garden

we've been out in our garden a lot lately make use of our lovely weather.
we had our sand table set up and we also used our bikes and cars.

we also enjoyed seeing our vegetables go....we cant wait until our grapes are ready to be picked later on this year

rainbow rice

we used some food colouring to make rainbow rice and the children enjoyed playing with it ......warning just like sand it does get everywhere but we had fun.

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