Children Activities

Here is an extensive list of activities that I carry out in my setting.

• Colouring and painting
• Dressing up and role plays
• Going to the park
• Music and nursery rhymes
• Messy play
• Playtime
• Sticking
• Story time
• Outings

If you have any suggestions I am happy to hear from you regarding other activities you may have for your child.

Children Routines

Children Routines are a fun and relaxed child-initiated and adult-led activities as required by the EYFS. Each session, children choose the activity then for large parts of the day children have free access to the games and toys and choose their own play, with a supervising adult on hand to help and support them.

When we plan activities for children, they are always based on individual interests. During the day we have some structure because the children prefer it that way:

Morning – after breakfast we usually go out to a group or the park. We go to a variety of groups including toddlers and music sessions depending on the days children attend. We have a snack while we are out;

Lunch time – we sit together and eat, after which the little ones have a rest or sleep and older children get involved in planned activities;

Afternoon – we play either inside or outside, painting, cutting and sticking, story time, playdough, messy play, water and sand, singing and dancing;

Tea time – the children help in the kitchen and prepare tea, set the table etc before we all eat together. Most children go home after tea.

Some days we go on outings to visit the local community centre, parks, other childminders and nannies and each brings their special skill which they share with the children.